Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine mani - gone wrong

I think i did a bad job on the silver hearts for a valentines design, so i desided to do a new valentine design. But this was not only bad, it is nearly not worth showing you. But i decided to show anyway.

I have been looking into the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge, and the first manicure is a valentine design, so this is my first design for the challenge.

I did use Essie Rock Candy - that was my first big mistake for this mani. Rock Candy i believed was a cute babydoll pink, is a sheer. And i wanted it to cover my nails, so ended up with a really thick layer. Anyway, i did take som pichures to put on a rewiev, to show you soon. so not more about the bad choose af base color.

Then i wanted to do some stamping, with Konad Plates m2 and m3. Both of them got hearts on, and i wanted to do different types of hearts.

First for my nail on my tomb, i desided to make shaddows, so black shaddows and red hearts on top. But after i first did som nice black hearts, and then stamped red hearts on top, i could not see red, but only black, the red color simply could not cover up the black. 

Then on to my ringfinger, when i tryed to stamp that, the base nail polish simply stuck to the stamp, and came half of... thats why it looks even worse. Problem was the way to thick layer of Essie Rock Candy.

Then i did some red hearts on my index finger, that acctualy went well. For the stamping i used GCOCL stamping nail polish in red and Black.

At last i re did my middle finger like 10 times, it just keept going wrong, but it was my last finger to do, and the rest looking like crap i settled on that to look like crap too, one of the hearts is only half.

So now i pretty much done everything wrong, so hopefulle this post can help to tell what not to do to make a nice manicure.

At laste some pichures, than you can see for you self.
manicure gone wrong

nail art stamping
nailart stamped hearts

essie nailpolish konad stamps


  1. i dont think is bad, i like your thumb the best. I think we all have bad stamping days :( after all is not as easy as some people make it look. :) Happy Valentines my dear!

  2. Nogen gange skal det gå galt, før det bliver godt ;-) Og så slemt er det altså heller ikke :-)