Saturday, 11 February 2012

Massive Haul....

I just want to show you all this stuff that i got.... I planed to wait, because there is comming a bit more next week, but now i got so many new things i better show you else i forget half of it. A bit embarresing that i have got this many things, but ther was clearence sale.
First up all the goodies then some close up shots after.

Nailpolishes and nailart
And now for the close ups....
nailart wheels
5 weehls with nail decorations, ther is golden decorations, rhinestones, pearls, fimo and glitter stars.
magnet for magnetics nailpolish
Then i got alot of Sebastian hair care tests with one of my orders for free. I got a striped magnet for magnetis polish, and a tool to put on nail foils.
essence nail foils
Essence Nail in style nail foils, in pink, purpel and silver. i look so much forward to try them.
essence nailpolishes
 Then 3 essence nail polishes. It is Style me holo, Style-ish, baby! and Style for summernigths.

nail tape
3 rolls off nail tape, in gold silver and purpel. I just figures out i already got theise 3 colors. so they migth been used in a giveaway wery soon.
Nail patch with feathers
 Then some silver nail patch with feathers, it is a bit hard to see, sorry for the bad pichures.
Essie Nailpolishes
And at last, this was hidden in the big Essie boxes... 13 lovely Essie nail polishes. The top row is Island hopping, fed up,rock candy, virgin orchid, neo whimsical and Chinchilly.
The 2. row is Merino cool, Shifting Power, Aruba blue, Mezmerised, sexy divine, jam n jelly and at last Pretty edgy.

Im so excided about them and really looking forward to try them all. Please write if you want to see any particular, and i will make a mani with it at soon as i have time:-)