Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Unicorn magic day

Today i have a very simple manicure to show you, but i really like it, i made it for the weekend where we had christening for my little son, so it had to be boy-ish. So i decided to use Essie Mezmorize, and to make it special and a bit magic i used some simple rihnestones.

When i saw this challenge i did think og magic fairy dust, and make it alle sparkel and glitter, but i actually think that rhinestones looks magic too, and this is just a very simpel magic manicure.

Sorry for the bad pichures, had to take them quickly, and dident noticed they where this bad..

This manicure is my Unicorn magic day manicure for the purpel fairy crumpet spring challenge.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Been busy...

Have been very busy lately, so sorry for not making that many blog posts. but, hopefully I will make up for it wery soon, i already have some photos, to show you:-)

Today it is going to bee a short post though, but i want to show phothos of Essie Pretty Edgy. A lovely cream green, very easy to apply, there is 2 coats on the pichures.

You can see this nail polish with Flowers stamped on here.

I have choosen this to be my Green nail manicure for the 31 days challenge.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Water marabeled nails...

This is my first try at water marabeling. Not perfect, but i'm satified with the outcome, anyway.

I did use Depend nr 86 and 69. The Depend 86 looks like gold in theise pichures, but it is a ligth pink color.

Water marabeled nails

Water marabelling

Pink water marabelling

This manicure is made for The purpel crumpet fairy spring challenge.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Half moon Mani

I have just been trying to make a half moon, mani... I have done it before and belive i made a better result last time... But i did try.
I used nail stickers to make the half moon, but even thoug i choose the round stickers it seems straigth. I made the manicure very simple, with only 2 colors.

First i used Laval White, and then Essence style-ish, baby!

The withe bits got mabey too big, and too straigth, but i do like the colors together. What do you think?

This is my week 6 mani, of the 52 week challenge - a half moon mani.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Flower bed...

Now for the promised manicure of the day for the The Purpel Crumpet Fairy Challenge. It is supposed to be small flowers/ flower bed.

I wanted to do som stamping so i started to choose som small flower looking things on my konad image plate m3.
Then i first used a base color, i user Essie Pretty edgy, then i started stamping lotst of small flowers, in Wet n Wild Tickled Pink, and Konad Special polish in Red and Purpel.

When my nails looked like this i considered stop stamping more, but i didnt stop.

wild and shine nailpolish

But then i did a bit more stamping, and ending uwith this result.  
essie edgy nailpolish

nailart stamping konad

konad stamping

konad stamping

konad stamping nailart

And at last all the polishes i have been using. 
nailpolishes essie wild and shine konad

I like how my nail look, but only have one issue... They are not spring like, the color are too dark for spring, should have used a mint green instead og Essie Pretty edgy for base. But im happy with how they look anyway.


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Thanks to you all.

Will soon be posting my manicure for the Spring challenge. I have just finished it, and just need to put the pichures on to my computer...

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Just want to show this cute flower Manicure to you. It is made with a transperant glitter from Depend nr. 105. And then stamped with Konad plate M2 and red special stamping polish from Konad.
stamping nailart flowers red

stamped red flowers konad

nailpolish depend

red flowers konad stamping

Theis is my day 14 mani for the 31 day challenge.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine mani - gone wrong

I think i did a bad job on the silver hearts for a valentines design, so i desided to do a new valentine design. But this was not only bad, it is nearly not worth showing you. But i decided to show anyway.

I have been looking into the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge, and the first manicure is a valentine design, so this is my first design for the challenge.

I did use Essie Rock Candy - that was my first big mistake for this mani. Rock Candy i believed was a cute babydoll pink, is a sheer. And i wanted it to cover my nails, so ended up with a really thick layer. Anyway, i did take som pichures to put on a rewiev, to show you soon. so not more about the bad choose af base color.

Then i wanted to do some stamping, with Konad Plates m2 and m3. Both of them got hearts on, and i wanted to do different types of hearts.

First for my nail on my tomb, i desided to make shaddows, so black shaddows and red hearts on top. But after i first did som nice black hearts, and then stamped red hearts on top, i could not see red, but only black, the red color simply could not cover up the black. 

Then on to my ringfinger, when i tryed to stamp that, the base nail polish simply stuck to the stamp, and came half of... thats why it looks even worse. Problem was the way to thick layer of Essie Rock Candy.

Then i did some red hearts on my index finger, that acctualy went well. For the stamping i used GCOCL stamping nail polish in red and Black.

At last i re did my middle finger like 10 times, it just keept going wrong, but it was my last finger to do, and the rest looking like crap i settled on that to look like crap too, one of the hearts is only half.

So now i pretty much done everything wrong, so hopefulle this post can help to tell what not to do to make a nice manicure.

At laste some pichures, than you can see for you self.
manicure gone wrong

nail art stamping
nailart stamped hearts

essie nailpolish konad stamps

Violet Mani

Now for at violet Mani, I have decided to make a french manicure, I violet, and with rhinestones.
For this mani i have been using Pieces Red Berries, on the hole nail, then i used e.l.f Lilac on the tip, and at last alot of pink rhinestones.

Sorry for the really bad pichures of this mani... dont know what happend..
pieces red berries

nailart nailpolish pieces

nail art rihnestones french manicure

Nailart rihnestone purple
This is my day 6 mani - a violet mani for the 31 day challenge.

Color block mani

I just wanted to try to make a color block mani, i choose only 2 colors, both from e.l.f it is Lilac and mint cream. To top it i used e.l.f twinkle.
First i use lilac all over the nail, then i free hand painted with the mint cream. To make it sparkel i used Twinkle all over the nail.
Elf mint nailpolish

elf lilac nailpolish

Depend 122 e.l.f glitter nailpolish nail art
I quite like the result, it is very summer-ish... What do you think?

This color block mani is my week 3 mani in the 52 week challenge.