Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dot dot dot

On wednesday we wear pink, so here comes my first pink wednesday manicure. I desided to make dots, with my dottingtool.

First i had Depend nr. 69 on all fingers. Then i decided only to make dots on half of them. 

E.l.f nailpolish berry
The dots are made with Depend nr. 29, 086 and 122. As well as e.l.f Berry pink.

E.l.f. twinkle nailpolish

Elf glitter polish

Elf nailpolish

To make it sparkel i did use, e.l.f Twinkle and Sally Hansen Dimond Shine top coat.

But i think i like the fingers without the dotting more than the ones that got dots. Mabey because of bad choise of dotting colors, the ar mabey a bit to similar.
Depend nailpolishes e.l.f sally hansen
Last pichure, all the polishes i have been using.

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