Where to buy?

Now here is a list of places to buy some of the products i use. just to make it easy to find alot of the same lovey things i use, some produckts i will write where i got it from in the blogpost, if you cant finde it, just write and i will be happy to tel you where i got it from.

World wide delivery:

Born Pretty Store - Nailpolish and Nail art produkts (Get 10% off by using code: PLB10K31)
Tmart - Nailpolish and Nail art products
Glow Beauty shop - Nail art products
Xtras - O.P.I, L'Oreal, Laval, Sally Hansen, Essie, Rimmel, Revlon, Mabelline ect.
Viva la Nails  - nail art produkts

Deliver in USA:

TheNailart - Konad

Deliver in Europe:

Krop og Negl - Stargazer

Deliver only in Denmark:

My-beauty - Silcare,
NiceHair - Ciate, Essie, O.P.I

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