Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Glitter gradiant...

I just made this manicure for the 31 days challenge, day 10, gradiant.

China glaze nailpolish
Swatch ingrid China glaze nailpolish

Gradiant nailart nailpolish

Nailpoliah techno China glaze

bottle techno China glaze
It is China Glaze Ingrid, and China Glaze Techno.

Friday, 20 July 2012

I won:-)

Some of you migth remember my blogpost about the superhero Challenge.
I won the challenge, and some lovely goodies:-) Thanks to frk. Fine to host the challenge. Hope for more competitors next time you host a challenge:-)
Now for All the nice things i won. 2 essence nail polishes. 1 package of nailfoil, 1package of stick on rhinestones and a package of pink animal print foil.
Essence nailpolish

Monday, 30 April 2012


Now as promised a big haul. I love all the new polishes i got, and i hope you will too:-)

First up, 5 new Depend polishes. It is nr. 255, 124, 299, 300 and 304.
304 is a matte top coat. I already used Depend nr. 255 for my stone manicure. 

 I dont really know the name of thise 2 lovelyes, but i guess the gold glitter is from a chiness brand B.O. and then i dont know its name. any who you can get it here.I already did use this glitter polish, for my glitter nails.
The red is even more special, and will hopefully make a great effect, i love to show you, but i havent tryed it yet. I think the brand is GUDDY, But dont really know. Does anybody know more about theise polishes?

 Theise 2 beauties are from Hot makeup, it is Frosty midnight and golden graphite. I love the color of them, and looking very much forward to show you.

And then i saved the best for last, my new O.P.I....
O.P.I Crackeling polishes

First 4 Crackeling polishes. (Again dont really know the name, hopefully somebody can help me out??) It is a Black(NL B16), Brown(NL B04), Green(NL B22) and Purpel(NL B14).

And excuse moi, love the last of my new stuff, and sure hope you do too:-)
O.P.I Muppet collection
I just figures out how much i just love the muppets colletcion from O.P.I, so just got 3 polishes from it. I really want Gone Gonzo as well, but havent found it yet. Theise 3 lovlies are Animal-listic, Excuse moi!, and Fresh frog of bel air.

My new favorite is clearly Excuse moi!, any of theise polishes you love? and what is your favorite polish?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stone nails...

Now for my 31 day challenge inspired by a pattern, I dont know if you can call this a pattern, but mabey more inspired by a pichure:-)

And here goes alot of stones:-) I borrowed this pichure from Steen og sten imellem
And now for my nails, I started with a blue/greenish matte color, Depend 255.
Swatch Depend 255

Swatch Depend 255 blue

Swatch Depend 255 blue bottle

Then i used Konad special polish in black, and KandNail imageplate CK-01 to do a design, that i think looks like a bunch of stones. (Check my review of the CK-01 here)
Stamping plate nailart CK-01

Stamping Konad
 And just to make them look even more shining, i did put one layer of China Glaze Techno on top, before adding the top coat:-)

Nailart glitter on stamping

China glaze bottle techno

Nailart stamping black on blue

Stamping plate nailart

And just after adding all thise photos, here comes the last one, of all the polishes i used:-)
Nailpolish bottles Depend Konad china glaze Sally hansen

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Glitter Nails

I just want to show you thise cute nails i made yesterday.

First it is Depend no. 69 - Pink, then  a B. O. multi glitter. It is small gold glitter and hexagons in gold, red and blue.
Swatch Depend 69
Bottle depend
B.O Glitter

Just a little extra, had 2 hearts on, one on each thomb. Just to celebrate my 2 years wedding anerversery:-)

3d Nail art decoration heart

Nail art stud
This is my day 17 nail art for the 31 days challenge - Glitter nails.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just an update

I just want to make a quick post on how things is going with my new room, and storage for alle my nail polish. We have just mooved around in our house, so i have decided to make a special place where i can have all my nail polish and stuff, so i dont need to have it 3 diffrent places in the house:-)

Just took a pichure yesterday, on how it looks now and hopefully within the next month or two i will show how it ends up looking, and show some storage ideas for nail polish and nail art equipment.

First pichure is a very messed up room, but hopefulle it will soon be nicer looking.
And then a close up photo of the box under the tabel.

Ikea Alex
Yes, I went to IKEA yesterday and got and ALEX, im so excited, and looking forward, to finaly beeing abel to have all my nail polish put in order.
Just have alot of things there need to be done, at the moment, but am looking so much forward to hopefully soon having a nice new place for my polish addiction.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Review of imageplate CK-01

I got the Imageplate CK-01 from KandNail from Born Pretty Store as i promised all you lovely readers, here comes a review.

First a pichure of the plate, it contains 42 images. Mainly to do nail tips with. There is alot of beautiful designs, and some of the designs are made 2 times for different kinds of nails, so the same design just a wider option, or for a shorter nail. I think that is a really good thing. Taken to the fact that alot have a tomb nail ther is a bit wider than the rest.
Stamping plate CK-01 KandNail
Then for the price, i can only compare to Konad product that i normaly use, and this is much cheaper. this plate with 42 images cost $ 8.53. The small round Konad plates i have cost around $ 10 and have less than 10 images. So this plate is really value for money.

As mentioned in my blogpost yesterday, you can get 5% of any purchase in Born Pretty Store by using the coupon code LENEW21

Now i have only tryed one of the designs on the plate yet. and hopefully i will post some more designs from this plate in the following weeks:-)

Plate and nailpolish
For the design i desided to use Essie Sexy Divide and Konad silver special polish to stamp on. Not easy to see but the Essie polish is a dark purpel color. 

The design i choose, is 2 flowers, it is supposed to go on a nail tip, but i desided to use it as a whole nail stamp, that have given some "funny" edges, but cant blame that on the image plate. My nails are just not long enough to have the stamp on the tips.

The designs are quite small, so fits better with small fingers, than with wide fingers, that migt be the only bad thing i have to say about this plate. But KandNails have made more of this kind of image plates, and if you have wide nails, i can recomend and plate with others designs on, they have designs there is going on the middel of a finger instead of having to fit the size of the finger. 

I had a concern to the fact that i normaly use small round plates, an a plate holder, and how it would work with a big plate instead, but it worked out great. The plate is so big it is easy to work on, and dont move, when it is on a flat tabel and you use the scraper. 

Compared to the images on Konad plates, they are just as easy to use, mabey better, atleast i dident have to redo a singel design using this plate, i sometimes do that with Konad. 

And at last some pichures of my nails after using this plate. 
Konad stamping nailart

Purpel nailpolish

Stamped nailart

Nailart stamping

Konad stamping special nailpolish

Nailpolish nailart

 # I got this imageplate for free to make this review, but I wrote the review myself, and it is my oppinion, and it is not influenced by anyone#

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Discount on Born Pretty Store

I have just got a new discount code - with 10 % off - Get discount here

As i wrote 2 days ago i got a produkt to test and make rewive of from Born Pretty Store. im really excited and have already tryed it out, so i will soon make my rewiev.

I got to test the imageplate CK-01 from KandNail. Here it is still in plastic:-)
Im looking forward to try all the lovely designs, and to show you all. Please let me know if there is a special design you want to see.

And now for the discount. I got a discount coupon to share with you, so you all can get 5% on all orders until 30 December 2012. Use the dicount code LENEW21, and you will get the 5% of.

I will put the discount code in my sidebar as well, when i have time for it:-) hopefully soon

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Now for some exciting stuff...

It have taking me a while but now i have found a winner in my very first give away.

The winner have 24 hours to respond, to my email, and if i dont get a respond i will find a new winner:-)

Now the really exciting part is to say thanks to all of you that have participated, and by answering questions have given me new inspiration, to what to put on my blog. I have photos to make a coulpe of things that have been asked for, just need to get them to my computer.

And now for the winner:

It is : Brandi:-)

I will send you and e-mail straight away...

Monday, 9 April 2012


Sorry for not beeing online lately. But i just quickly want to update you with some good news. I want to tell what Will come on this blog hopefully within a week. First a big haul, then i won a contest:-) also i have become a tester for bornprettystore and just receiver my First produkt to test:-) then i will draw a winner of my own first giveaway, and i got a new room/place to do my nails, it is nearly finish:-) so there is alot of good things to look forward to:-)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Unicorn magic day

Today i have a very simple manicure to show you, but i really like it, i made it for the weekend where we had christening for my little son, so it had to be boy-ish. So i decided to use Essie Mezmorize, and to make it special and a bit magic i used some simple rihnestones.

When i saw this challenge i did think og magic fairy dust, and make it alle sparkel and glitter, but i actually think that rhinestones looks magic too, and this is just a very simpel magic manicure.

Sorry for the bad pichures, had to take them quickly, and dident noticed they where this bad..

This manicure is my Unicorn magic day manicure for the purpel fairy crumpet spring challenge.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Been busy...

Have been very busy lately, so sorry for not making that many blog posts. but, hopefully I will make up for it wery soon, i already have some photos, to show you:-)

Today it is going to bee a short post though, but i want to show phothos of Essie Pretty Edgy. A lovely cream green, very easy to apply, there is 2 coats on the pichures.

You can see this nail polish with Flowers stamped on here.

I have choosen this to be my Green nail manicure for the 31 days challenge.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Water marabeled nails...

This is my first try at water marabeling. Not perfect, but i'm satified with the outcome, anyway.

I did use Depend nr 86 and 69. The Depend 86 looks like gold in theise pichures, but it is a ligth pink color.

Water marabeled nails

Water marabelling

Pink water marabelling

This manicure is made for The purpel crumpet fairy spring challenge.