Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just an update

I just want to make a quick post on how things is going with my new room, and storage for alle my nail polish. We have just mooved around in our house, so i have decided to make a special place where i can have all my nail polish and stuff, so i dont need to have it 3 diffrent places in the house:-)

Just took a pichure yesterday, on how it looks now and hopefully within the next month or two i will show how it ends up looking, and show some storage ideas for nail polish and nail art equipment.

First pichure is a very messed up room, but hopefulle it will soon be nicer looking.
And then a close up photo of the box under the tabel.

Ikea Alex
Yes, I went to IKEA yesterday and got and ALEX, im so excited, and looking forward, to finaly beeing abel to have all my nail polish put in order.
Just have alot of things there need to be done, at the moment, but am looking so much forward to hopefully soon having a nice new place for my polish addiction.

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