Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Blue it...

Just a swatch of my Sally Hansen Blue it nail polish, i really like this blue color.
After i started my giveaway, and have asked for suggestions for polished to be swached, i suddenly have alot of ideas to what im going to show you. One of the colors asked for is this Sally Hansen Blue It. So I decided to start making some of the swatches you have asked for, i have already pichures for 2 more of the once you want to see. so hopefullt i will get the on my computer an up on my blog within a couple of days. 

Now here for som pichures of Blue it:

Sally Hansen Blue it

Blue Nailpolish

Blue it sally hansen swatch

Sally hansen Nail polish
I think it is a really good polish, easy to apply, nice brush and only need one coat.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Golden nails....

Just a quick swatch of my gold Depend Nail polish.
Depend gold nailpolish
It is a really nice base colour, ready to decorate:-)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Laval white - rewiev

I have just tryed my Laval White. My first impression was good. But the formular was thick and hard to get even on the nail, to show you, i took pichures after 1 coat, and again after 2. coats.

I liked the brush it sort of helped to do the job, but it is hard to se, when the polish ended up i stripes for being thick. Mabey some polish thinner could do the job. But i haven tryed.

Thes color is well, white, i dont really like all white nails, so i planed to use this polish with other colors og to stamp on it.

Laval white

Laval nailpolish
Theise two first pichures is after just one coat of polish, it really doesnt look that nice.

Laval Nailpolish 2 coats

White nailpolish

White nailpolish swatch Laval

The last 3 pichures is with 2 coats, and i think i got a nice and even result, even thoug it was a bit hard.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gosh Silver Swatched

I just love this Silver, it is really metallic to look at, an easy to use.
Not good with purpel konad though have tryed a couple of times...

Gosh Silver nailpolish

Gosh silver nailpolish swatch

It is Gosh 555 Silver.