Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Blue it...

Just a swatch of my Sally Hansen Blue it nail polish, i really like this blue color.
After i started my giveaway, and have asked for suggestions for polished to be swached, i suddenly have alot of ideas to what im going to show you. One of the colors asked for is this Sally Hansen Blue It. So I decided to start making some of the swatches you have asked for, i have already pichures for 2 more of the once you want to see. so hopefullt i will get the on my computer an up on my blog within a couple of days. 

Now here for som pichures of Blue it:

Sally Hansen Blue it

Blue Nailpolish

Blue it sally hansen swatch

Sally hansen Nail polish
I think it is a really good polish, easy to apply, nice brush and only need one coat.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sikke en rigtig fin blog.
    Kan også rigtig godt selv lide både pleje min negle og gøre dem fine med neglelak.
    Du er virkelig dygtig.

    Burde lave sådan noget step-by-step billeder.
    Jeg sidder hedder og tænker "eeej, hvordan? Hvordan?" ;)

    Det er virkelig fedt - er helt klar en ny følgesvend af din side!

    KH Camilla,