Monday, 18 August 2014


Now for a Butter London Swatch it is The Full Monty. I love the colours from Butter London.
Here is it Gold from the Commemorative Olympic heavy medal Collection. I got it in silver and bronze too. All gives alot of sparkel.

Butter London Nail Polish
This is the hole  Commemorative Olympic heavy medal Collection. The Purpel is from another Collection.

Nail polish Gold Butter London

Butter London Gold Nailpolish

Butter London The Full Monty

Gold Butter London Nailpolish

The Full MOnty Gold Nailpolish from Butter London

Do you like Golden nails? What color in the Collection would you prefere?


  1. I like such shades of gold. Not too 'old gold' in their shade.

  2. I think this polish looks great, I've still never got round to trying Butter London but I hope to one day! I really like this gold shade, I do like golds but I prefer subtle golds to flashy ones. This shade looks great on you :) xx

    1. I like Butter London alot, and Will deffenately rekompenser trying Them. They have alot of shimmer and glitter polishes there looks amazing.

  3. i'm not big fan of gold, but it looks very elegant :D

  4. I'm quite picky when it comes to gold/bronze/silver polishes, it's really hard for me to find one I really like.
    This is a very nice shade of gold, though. Very elegant, as NailCrazy said :)

  5. Haven't tried gold in my nails ever, but they look cute though <3

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