Monday, 15 September 2014

Water decals

Today i want to show some beautiful water decals. First pichure is the water decals and and O.P.I Animalistic nailpolish.

So first up, paint nails with red nailpolish, i love this red shimmer polish fra O.P.I it looks really good. 

 Now for the Water decals, here i have taken the pink paper of. but it is really hard to see, even when you have them in you hand it is hard to see. But there is 10 black water decals and 9 white. Because it is so hard to see the white once, i decided to show the white water decals on the red nailpolish.

I cut out 2 of the water decals. because there is 9, i figured i dident wanted to put them on all my fingers, but some of them are big enough to cut in 2 for the pinkies, if you want to wear them on all fingers.

Then i put the water decals in water for 10 sec. and on my nails, very easy, the whole flower was abel to move around on the nail, so it was easy to put it where it did look best. When it was sitting where i wanted it, i did dry it and put one layer of top coat over. 

 I can diffenately recommend to use water decals even for beginners in nailart, this is so easy to use, and take no time, sompared to konad stampes or nail art pens.
I think this is a very cute manicure, i like only to wear something diffrent at one finger, just to make sure it not too over the top for everyday use. 

And now for a close up, i think it is goregous. 

You can buy these Water Decals at  Born Pretty Store, If you use the code PLB10K31 you will get and additional 10 % off. 

*items for this post is recieved for review. 

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  1. Those decals look great!
    And I love the red shade on your nails :)

    xx julia