Monday, 30 January 2012

Just got nail mail

Im so excited i just got nail mail.... But after finding that they couldent manage to send me alle the stuff i ordered i wasent quite as excited. Unfortunatly one of the things they dident send me was Gothic lolita from China glaze from the new electropop collection. Have been looking so much forward to that colour.

But anyway got other lovely things in my package, so is happy anyway:-)
First all that was in the package....

This is 2 polishes from Laval, it is Wild Grape and White.
Next 2 polishes from China Glaze. It is Oxidized aqua a crackle polish, and Techno from the new electropop collection. 

China glaze nailpolishes
 At last some goodies from LCN, it is a green magnetic nail polish and a magnet.
LCN nailpolish
 Im looking forward to try it all out, and show you all swatches and mani's with it.

All this i did buy from Nail Polish Direct

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