Friday, 13 April 2012

Review of imageplate CK-01

I got the Imageplate CK-01 from KandNail from Born Pretty Store as i promised all you lovely readers, here comes a review.

First a pichure of the plate, it contains 42 images. Mainly to do nail tips with. There is alot of beautiful designs, and some of the designs are made 2 times for different kinds of nails, so the same design just a wider option, or for a shorter nail. I think that is a really good thing. Taken to the fact that alot have a tomb nail ther is a bit wider than the rest.
Stamping plate CK-01 KandNail
Then for the price, i can only compare to Konad product that i normaly use, and this is much cheaper. this plate with 42 images cost $ 8.53. The small round Konad plates i have cost around $ 10 and have less than 10 images. So this plate is really value for money.

As mentioned in my blogpost yesterday, you can get 5% of any purchase in Born Pretty Store by using the coupon code LENEW21

Now i have only tryed one of the designs on the plate yet. and hopefully i will post some more designs from this plate in the following weeks:-)

Plate and nailpolish
For the design i desided to use Essie Sexy Divide and Konad silver special polish to stamp on. Not easy to see but the Essie polish is a dark purpel color. 

The design i choose, is 2 flowers, it is supposed to go on a nail tip, but i desided to use it as a whole nail stamp, that have given some "funny" edges, but cant blame that on the image plate. My nails are just not long enough to have the stamp on the tips.

The designs are quite small, so fits better with small fingers, than with wide fingers, that migt be the only bad thing i have to say about this plate. But KandNails have made more of this kind of image plates, and if you have wide nails, i can recomend and plate with others designs on, they have designs there is going on the middel of a finger instead of having to fit the size of the finger. 

I had a concern to the fact that i normaly use small round plates, an a plate holder, and how it would work with a big plate instead, but it worked out great. The plate is so big it is easy to work on, and dont move, when it is on a flat tabel and you use the scraper. 

Compared to the images on Konad plates, they are just as easy to use, mabey better, atleast i dident have to redo a singel design using this plate, i sometimes do that with Konad. 

And at last some pichures of my nails after using this plate. 
Konad stamping nailart

Purpel nailpolish

Stamped nailart

Nailart stamping

Konad stamping special nailpolish

Nailpolish nailart

 # I got this imageplate for free to make this review, but I wrote the review myself, and it is my oppinion, and it is not influenced by anyone#