Thursday, 9 February 2012

My stash

Im going to update my blog with a list of all my nail polishes, i am corrently working on it. And hope it soon Will be finished:-)

Im going to make a special page for my stash, so it migth take some time. But i would love to know what i acctually got, so not only to show all of you lovely readers what i got, but to keep track myself. At the moment i already have planned to get a "Alex" from IKEA, to have all of my polish and nail decoration things in, only thing that at the moment in the way is, that i dont have a place to put it. But hopefully within 2 weeks our new guest room is finished, and it is quite big, so i have planed to set up a tabel and a "Alex" to make my wery own nail polish corner... Im so excided about it, just need the walls and floor made it that room very quickly.

And just as an ekstra info, because i will make a haul post soon, i just ordered new Essie Nail polishes, and will hopefully get them tomorrow, cant wait.

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