Monday, 13 February 2012

31 days challenge

I have been thinking quite alot of the 31 day challenge that alot of other nail bloggers have done. There is alot of manicures in it i would love to try, i just got a couple of problems in the beginning, i dont really have orange and yellow polishes, so i have to be really creative on thouse 2...

Then im already doing the 52 week challenge, and it migth be a bit to much with 2 challenges. But i love challenges, that force me to make new manicures that i havent done before.

All this ended up with the desiscion to do the 31 days challenge, i will not do it from day 1 to 31, but i will get trough all of them, and i wont do them in 31 days, but will use a bit longer on them.

Depend 122 Im so excided with my desicision, and just can wait to make som nice manicures... Better get started rigth away.


  1. Good luck, the challenges are just that...a challenge, but fun!!

  2. I did it back in December and it was a lot of fun! I started doing manis the month before to get a head start.

    1. Good idea, i didn't think of that, but i have done the first today, it will be posted later today. I think i migth use 2 months on all the manicures as well, but I just starting to post them now, and then see how long it takes me to get trough with all of them.